Our June Choices are books that were originally published elsewhere in the world. Although some were published in English, others were not and have been translated for the US readership. These books are all charming, but feel to us slightly off-kilter, a little different from American books.That’s obviously a broad generalization but check them out and see if you agree. There is a simple, sweet tale from Japan of two sisters who shrink down in the grass and enjoy their day; from Estonia comes the tale of Van Gogh’s ear and how she has to define herself after the “incident”; from England comes a strange tale about a giant dog that changes sizes depending on who you are and what you think; and two of the books are from France, both about wolves! One wolf book is gently philosophical, while one is a broad comedy and includes a chainsaw! Our board book this month is the least “surprising” but is another of Xavier Deneux’s stylish, playful productions. We hope you will find them all tempting.