August Choices

The love of music is part of our human nature, something that crosses cultures. Even babies are charmed by music: the rhythms, the melodies, the repetitive lyrics in songs. For this month, we wanted to feature the idea of music. How can this be done with a book? We have chosen the August books with that question in mind. First, for our babies, we are offering a set of three board books that illustrate the lyrics of three favorite songs (ones we often do in story time): Baby Beluga, Down By the Bay, and Five Little Ducks. When you sing these to your baby and turn the pages, you are helping build a sense of rhythm, visual literacy, and an association of books with pleasure.  Another book provides the same benefits (plus contributing to cultural literacy!): Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose. These familiar (and unfamiliar) rhymes are musical in their lilting rhythms. For stories, we’re offering I’ve Got the Rhythm, which is fun to read aloud, Puff the Magic Dragon with CD, and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Finally, for a change of pace, we offer a look behind the scenes as the members of an orchestra get ready for a performance in The Philharmonic Gets Dressed.

We hope you enjoy these musical offerings!