Dear Community, 

We are so moved and touched by all of your expressions and support for Charlie’s and what we do here. 

As a result of talks with many of you,  I have decided to keep Charlie’s open for November and December, and see if we can make changes for the long term! 

To that end, many of you have advised me to start a GoFundMe for Charlie’s — I am attaching a link to help us in this effort to try to keep Charlie’s open:
Link here —–>

Whatever you want to give is very welcome. Thank you so much in advance!  We are ALSO going to hold a Holiday Fundraiser on Dec  9th at 6pm. Please add to your calendars if you would like to join us for that to try and keep Charlie’s open through 2020 and beyond. More to follow on that soon. 

Thank you so much for all of your support. It has been so kind and overwhelming to see the support pour in like it has.