I had just arrived in San Francisco when I met Charlie.

So you speak French! And you’re a teacher!
I’d love to read stories in French, if you…

Since then, it’s been a LOT OF FUN!! I love bringing a little touch of French in this multicultural and so unique bookstore twice a week. It’s amazing to hear these classic French lyrics and melodies in the mouth of young children and caretakers.
I was a creative writing literature teacher in Switzerland for many years. I now live in San Francisco with my husband and three daughters. We all love to read books. Reading children books really helps the girls to learn a new language. I often hear them use the same words and even whole sentences we have just read in a book.
The first time I saw the bathroom at Charlie’s, I felt very impressed by all these characters I didn’t know. (Except from Harry.) The good thing is I knew where to start in my reading. After a great number of wonderful and exciting adventures, I feel much more comfortable going to the bathroom, where I like to meet all these familiar faces.
I guess I have the same feeling when walking in the neighborhood.