Pre-Order Mission

Special for Mission Dolores:

Pre-Order Noodlephant and Crab Cake $13

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A special author event is coming to your child’s classroom with the creators of the book Noodlephant and the newly released book, Crab Cake! Charlie’s Corner Children’s Bookstore will be offering a special sale of almost 30% off the listed price of the book if you would like to place an order through our store.

Crab Cake


“Tsurumi’s mastery of detail, humor, and clear-eyed empathy continues in this wholly original and moving affirmation of one crab’s power to bring a community together.”- Starred Review, Publisher’s Weekly

Under the sea, fish do what fish do: Seahorse hides, Pufferfish puffs up, Parrotfish crunches coral, and Crab . . . bakes cakes? And so life goes on, until one night when everything changes with a splash! In the face of total disaster, can Crab’s small, brave act help the community come together and carry on? A crab follows its heart and its calling, bringing everyone together in the wake of a disaster. Feed your craving for a hilarious, heart-warming story with Crab Cake, perfect for budding environmentalists, kids learning to cope with mishaps, and every young reader in between.



“I love Noodlephant—brilliant & necessary, and the parable we need now.” -Dave Eggers, best-selling author and co-founder of 826 Valencia

Famous for her pasta parties, Noodlephant is shocked when the law-loving kangaroos decide noodles are only for them! A zany tale full of pasta puns, friendship, and one Phantastic Noodler, Noodlephant, written by Jacob Kramer and illustrated by K-Fai Steele, explores a community’s response to injustice.

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