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What to

1. Give a “taste” of the book. Tease the reader—make them want to know more.
2. Then add a brief note telling of your own response to or evaluation of the book. Be sure not to give away the book’s secrets.

We accept free-verse and rhyming poems. The maximum word count for poems is 80 words. Please include a working title and your name.

Do you like creating Activities? Submit your activity with a title. Your activity can be puzzles, do-it-yourself crafts, zentagles, word unscrables, or Sudoku puzzles. If a drawing is included in your activity please use a pen or marker

We accept any drawings or illustrations that are age appropriate for ages 6-14. You can use any medium to create your drawing or illustration

Aim for a maximum of 1000 words. You must include an original title with the option of including an original drawing.

Do you like to make people laugh? Submit your favorite joke, riddle, knock knock joke, or comic. Please keep a maximum of 50 words for all jokes. Please make sure all comic text is legible. We can’t edit your comic- make sure to edit before submitting!

Submit work!

Either write( or copy & paste) your submission or a description of your artwork here
If you're submitting artwork, upload it here!
You can be part of the team that puts together each issue of Charlie’s Press. We need editors, writers, artists, reporters, and designers. Our meetings are fun, and snack-fueled!
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